Chimera’s Comics Livestream Special: Hellboy over Hellwater w/ Friends

Welcome to the Chimera’s Comics Livestream Special! Every few weeks, we’ll be going LIVE with our Facebook community to talk about what we all love: Comics! Movies and shows! Gaming! You get the idea…

On this episode, we’ve gathered our community together for a special tribute to the Seed of Destruction. That’s right, we’re talking Hellboy!

As Joel, Brian, Wil, James, Tori, and Dani all pass around a spicy bottle of Hellboy’s Hellwater Cinnamon Whiskey, we’ll be discussing the amazing legacy of Hellboy, from his first appearance in a convention program, to the long list of must-read comics, his films and cartoons, and where the character’s going from here. All fans from different starting points come together for a good drink and good company!

Join us live, Friday, November 9th at 7PM for exclusive giveaways including 11 x 17 posters and one lucky winner of the Hellboy Tribute Artbook!