May 15, 2018 – June 19, 2018 all-day

Chimera’s Comics Returns To Kickstarter

Chimera’s Comics returns to Kickstarter because we need YOUR help to make our store the best it can be. We want to expand our selection, go green, throw more events, andbe more involved in the community and we need YOUR help to do it.

When you support this Kickstarter, you aren’t just supporting Chimera’s Comics. You’re supporting local comic shops and small businesses everywhere. Stand with us to make sure that local comic shops can continue to brighten our communities and make our lives a little more exciting.

Chimera's Comics Kickstarter Reward - T-Shirt

Get this t-shirt as a reward for being a part of our Community!

What Are The Kickstarter Rewards?

With your help, Chimera’s Comics will produce a line of awesome products so our customers can show off their pride in their local comic book store! Our awesome rewards include:

  • T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Hats
  • Pint Glasses, Shot Glasses, and Bottle Openers
  • Drawstring bags perfect for comic conventions

But that’s not all! With your help, we’re going to go GREEN with reusable tote bags and aluminum water bottles. Help us save the world just like all of our comic book heroes do.

Chimera's Comics Kickstarter Reward - Tote Bag

Get this reusable tote bag to help us go green at Chimera’s Comics!

Why Should I Pledge To This Kickstarter?

Small Businesses Do What Internet Retailers Can’t

It’s a rough time for small businesses, for retail, and for comic book stores specifically. Last year, nearly 10% of all comic book stores closed. 2017 was the worst year for retail in the history of the United States. But Chimera’s Comics is still here – why? It’s because small businesses have something Internet retailers don’t: added value.

Shopping small sometimes means paying more. It means you don’t get your purchase delivered right to your doorstep without having to leave your couch. But when you pay a little more to a small business you get added value far beyond the product you purchased. You help support events like Free Comic Book Day, where we give away 3,000 free comics every year. You support weekly free gaming tournaments, contests in which we give away thousands of dollars in prizes, and movie screenings where we take hundreds of our customers to the show for free.

Chimera's Comics Kickstarter Reward - T-Shirt

Get this 16 oz tumbler and much more when you pledge to our campaign!

Amazon can’t do that for you. Amazon won’t do that for you. But we can. And we do.

Our families, friends, customers, and fans know that Chimera’s Comics isn’t just a store – it’s a community. And if you like a world where you can go to your local comic shop to talk about the things you love, and if you like a world where kids can go to feel safe, and if you like a world where our small towns are fun to walk around and browse then this campaign is your chance to make it happen!

Chimera's Comics Kickstarter Reward - Bottle Opener

This bottle opener was our most popular gift ever – and it can be yours with a pledge as low as $5!

We’re Putting the Money Back Into The Store

Besides the great rewards we’re creating for you, you should pledge to our campaign because we’re going to use the money we raise to make our store better! That’s right – we’re going to invest right back into giving you the best comic book store possible including:

  • Expanded selection of graphic novels
  • New products like t-shirts and toys
  • Bringing back gaming like Heroclix and Magic
  • Expanding our classes and workshops on making comics