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Magnificent by Carmelo ChimeraMagnificent from Chimera's Comics by Carmelo ChimeraMagnificent by Carmelo Chimera



The world knew Adam as the costumed hero “the Magnificent” but even superpowers couldn’t protect him from the lessons we all learn – heartbreak, failure, and loss. Now captured, tortured, and experimented on, Adam will learn he’s more powerful than he ever knew. Can Adam remain a hero, or will the cruelty of the world turn Adam into the very monster he once fought again?

“Magnificent” is an original graphic novel about trying to stay true to yourself no matter what life throws at you. Featuring super-powered battles and equally powerful moments of character, “Magnificent” features over 90 pages and is unlike any graphic novel you’ve ever read.

123 backers pledged nearly $8,000 to bring “Magnificent” to life on Kickstarter – get your copy now and see if it was worth the wait!

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Carmelo Chimera and Steven Brown’s The Magnificent is a refreshing read for superhero fans. The story revolves around an endearing young protagonist struggling to be a hero in a decidedly grim reality. However, what sets this tale apart from the usual fare of modern superhero deconstruction is it’s decidedly optimistic themes. The story knows that what makes superheroes special is their heroism and resists the temptation to tear down heroic ideals. The Magnificent stares cynicism in the eyes, challenges it, and reminds readers why kids want to grow up to be superheroes in the first place.

    The characters feel real and relateable. The pencils and inks from Brown and Dani Romero ooze with mood and emotion. As a Chicago fanboy, I was especially captivated by a breathtaking splash panel of a super-villain showdown in Uptown. The Magnificent blends the groundedness of early Ultimate Marvel with the boldness and confidence of a great uplifting tale like Joe Kelley’s “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?” A great read that gives readers plenty to think about long after they’ve set the book down.

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