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Deadpool 2 Review

Before Hugh Jackman decided to hang up his proverbial Adamantium claws after 17 years of playing Wolverine on the big screen, Deadpool paved the way for a harsh R-rating. (Forget the pitiful Wolverine: Origins that introduced an inferior Deadpool as the cancerous mutant Wade Wilson whose mouth was sewn shut.) Played to a perfect tee […]

Remembering Toys “R” Us

The people who run Chimera’s Comics are fans and collectors just like you. And just like you, we mourn the loss of our beloved Toys “R” Us. A few of us gathered to pay our last respects. From Dave Q: As a toy collector, I have very fond memories of my local Toys “R” Us. […]

Inside The Secret Diamond Retailer Summit

C2E2 is open for business, a weekend-long convention that has taken the Midwest by storm and is quickly becoming THE go-to show for those even outside the region. But what about the show before the show? This year, Diamond Comics Distribution held their retailer summit in Chicago, sharing C2E2’s hosting venue at McCormick Place, which […]

Welcome Home, Spider-Man: A Spider-Man Homecoming Review

I counted down over 500 days to the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. So long, in fact, that my countdown increased when they pushed the release from November 2001 to May 2002. And I’ll never forget the pure, unbridled joy I felt seeing that movie for the first time. 15 years and dozens of superhero movies […]

6 Ways To Make the Wonder Woman Sequel Rock

Headed into the second weekend for DC’s smash hit Wonder Woman, everyone’s waiting to see if this movie has legs. Spoiler alert, early projections have Wonder Woman remaining number one in the box office and beating out The Mummy for the top spot (as of this writing). This kind of traction is probably due to […]