Chimera's Comics Signing

Chicago Pop Culture Con

Carmelo Chimera (Magnificent, Cellar Door) and Nicholas Chimera (The Crusader, Cellar Door) will be appearing and signing at the Toyz N’ Cosplay Con.

From the organizers:

“Chicago Pop Culture Con is a multi-genre convention of Comics, Toys, Gaming, SCI-FI, Legos, Stars, Anime, Horror Films, TV/MOVIE MEMORABILIA, Super Heroes, Steampunk, Action Figures, Cosplay, Fantasy, Horror, Autographs, Collectibles, Sports Memorabilia, Non Sports Cards, Vintage Music Memorabilia, Publishers & Artist Convention – but open to anything fan-related!

This event is held at the Pheasant Run Mega Center in St. Charles, IL.

Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Admission: $12 (good for both days)
Free Parking. Children 12 and under free with an adult.
Admission tickets are also available at the gate!”

Halloween Comicfest

Saturday, October 26th is Halloween Comicfest at Chimera’s Comics!

Hundreds Of Free Comics

We’re giving away hundreds of free comics to celebrate my favorite holiday!

You can check out all the free comics available here.

Plus, we’ll have cosplayers at the store to set the mood and get in the holiday spirit!

Don’t miss it – it’s basically Free Comic Book Day in October!

Keep moving forward,

Carmelo Chimera



24 Hour Comic Day!

24 Hour Comic Day is back with a vengeance!

For our fifth year, we celebrate the craziest creative challenge out there: complete a 24 page comic book within 24 hours! That’s right, from the script to the pages, letters, inks, and beyond. Do we have what it takes? Come out to cheer us on!

Let’s take a look at this year’s challengers:

Brian Fisher – Brian knows a thing or two about comics! He’s created them, he’s collected them, he’s worked at and owned comic shops.. But now for the first time, he joins our crusade to conquer a new story, 24 pages in 24 hours!

Natalie Kopes Janacek – Our friendly neighborhood Batwoman from N0kiddin Cosplay passes on cosplay just once for this challenge! Natalie joins us again, but this time not to fight crime or host livestreams, but to crank out comics all day and night!

Asia Dye – It’s year TWO for Asia who comes off a fresh release of Project: AEGIS and returns to take the challenge once again! If you’ve seen her work, you KNOW she’s got something awesome cooked up to share with the comics world!

Carmelo Chimera – By day, he owns Chimera’s Comics, but for 24 hours, he leaps in to create his latest comic book masterpiece! Where to go next after ‘The Magnificent’ and ‘Cellar Door’? You’ll have to stop in to find out!

Dani Romero – Back at it again for 24 hour comics day, Dani returns to take on the challenge and cheer on her friends!

From midnight to midnight on Saturday, October 5th, the team will be here creating comics, so they need your support! All day and night we’ll be open and we’ll have kits and books available on how YOU can create your own comics, too! Won’t you come visit and keep us awake? 🙂

Chimera's Comics Signing

Galaxy Comic Book & Fantasy Art Expo

Carmelo Chimera (Magnificent, Cellar Door) and Nicholas Chimera (The Crusader, Cellar Door) will be appearing and signing at the Galaxy Comic Book & Fantasy Art Expo.

From the organizers:

“Galaxy Comic Book & Fantasy Art Expo is a quality expo in the realm of todays comic book conventions. With comic book artists and others who work Disney, DC, Marvel, Darkhorse comics and more . Authors of sci-fi, fantasy, horror , drama along with other works. Dealers and vendors with vintage and current items in todays world of pop culture collectables. Add in some interactive games and more with having it held though and on all 4 floors of the beautiful Joliet Area Historical Museum. It ads a bit of adventure to the day exploring the expo of all listed above . This has become a expo for both fans and families alike to spend the day and enjoy.”

Meet Gene Ha at Chimera's Comics for the premiere of Mae Vol. 2

Mae Vol. 2 Premiere with Gene Ha

Gene Ha‘s ‘Mae’ took Chimera’s Comics by storm and has been one of its all time best selling books hands down! Well guess what? The saga continues with the release of MAE Volume Two from Lion Forge!

Join us in celebrating the premiere of the next volume in what has been an epic fantasy adventure for the whole family, following Mae and her sister Abbie as they confront the very real magic of other worlds together!

On Wednesday, September 18th, Gene will be with us from 4PM to 7PM to sign copies of both volumes of Mae as well as offer sketches for their purchase of either or both graphic novels!

Cellar Door Release Party

Celebrate the release of our new graphic novel, “Cellar Door”!

Last December, we raised over $12,000 on Kickstarter to print this amazing new graphic novel. Join us for the official release party to:

  • pick up your Kickstarter rewards or get your copy of the book
  • meet the creators behind the project
  • enjoy some refreshments with us

What Is Cellar Door?

“Cellar Door” is a 150 page sci-fi/horror hardcover graphic novel anthology cut from the same cloth as H.P. Lovecraft and The Twilight Zone.

In “Cellar Door”, an author retreats to a secluded manor to overcome his writer’s block. There he meets a hungry reader literally foaming at the mouth for his work. What follows are 15 stories the author must “feed” to his reader to keep himself alive.


Get Your Copy

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can pick up a copy of the book at the release party – OR you can preorder a copy right now!

Click here to preorder Cellar Door.

Meet The New Owner of Chimera’s Comics

As you may have heard, Carmelo Chimera gave away the Oak Lawn comic book store in an essay writing contest. The new owner is generous enough to host us for this release party.

He’s also offering a special sale – 35% off of all other graphic novels!*

So stop in, say hi, meet the creators and the new owner of Chimera’s Comics Oak Lawn, and save some money!

Cellar Door a horror graphic novel anthology from Chimera's Comics


*(Sale does not apply to “Cellar Door” – it’s just not fair to the Kickstarter backers and the people who preordered).

Sidewalk Sale

The annual La Grange Sidewalk Sale weekend is back, and Chimera’s Comics is taking part with a huge store-wide sale!

Help us clean out some inventory and get killer deals while you’re at it:

  • Everything in the store will be AT LEAST 25% OFF, with EXTRA special deals on high end books and figures
  • Boxes full of marked down graphic novels and back issues for readers of all ages
  • Plus a huge selection of new collector’s issues, clearance comics, gaming goods and tons more

Livestream Q&A With “Regards, Ditko” Author Jaison Chahwala

Ask Your Questions And You Could Win A Free Copy

Steve Ditko co-created Spider-Man, Hawk and Dove, Dr. Strange, and the Silver Age of Comics. And he remained completely out of the public eye and away from fans.

But he carried on a four year correspondence with Jaison Chahwala, author of the new book “Regards, Ditko” live on Kickstarter.

Tonight I’m interviewing Jaison live on Facebook. I’ll be discussing his new book, and you can ask your questions about Ditko from the fan who knew him best. Plus, I’m giving away a copy FREE to one lucky viewer.

Tune in live on Facebook here.

We will post the rebroadcast on YouTube, but tonight for technical reasons we will not be simulcasting to YouTube.

You can get your copy of “Regards, Ditko” on Kickstarter now.

Kurt Zauer Signing at Chimera’s Comics!

Please join us in welcoming Kurt Zauer of Cagey Comics to Chimera’s Comics LaGrange for a special signing and meet & greet event!

Kurt has spent the last couple of years building an awesome new brand of indie comics and is bringing them to Chimera’s to share with our customers! ‘Spectress & Sabanion’ tells the story of Aneksi, the ghost of Cleopatra’s top assassin, coming to our modern day to create a new life out of her amazing history. That’s a little complicated when you’ve got demons to fight, but she might just find some unexpected help!

Kurt joins us on Wednesday, June 5th from 4PM to 7PM, so stop by to get some new comics and support local talent!

Chimera's Comics Signing

Comic Con Revolution

Chimera’s Comics will be at Comic Con Revolution as a store AND a publisher!

At Artists Alley H2…

Carmelo Chimera (Magnificent, Cellar Door) and Nicholas Chimera (The Crusader, Cellar Door) will be appearing and signing at Comic Con Revolution at Artists Alley table H2. They’re bringing a new, convention-exclusive print!

Crusader v. Magnificent convention exclusive print preview


At Booth 124…

At Booth 124, we’re bringing:

  • Thousands of dollar comics
  • Hundreds of graphic novels for 50% off, including hardcover omnibus and
  • Rare and collectible backissue comics

Chimera's Comics Comic Con Revolution Map 2019

From the organizers:

“Comic Con Revolution is an annual comic con held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. The first annual event is scheduled for June 1st & 2nd, 2019. The hours of the event are 10:00am (9:00a w/ advance ticket purchase) to 7:00pm on Saturday June 1st and 11:00am (10:00a w/ advance ticket purchase) to 5:00pm on Sunday June 2nd. Attendees can expect a full exhibit hall with over 200 exhibitors including comic creators (over 125 creators in Artist Alley), new comic dealers, vintage comic dealers, Comic publishers, toy & collectibles vendors, crafts, costumes, clothing, cosplayers, fan groups, media stars and more.

Comic Con Revolution was founded on very simple principles. We are excited to celebrate comics and the creative arts. At the absolute core of what we do are the creators themselves. The people who create the comics, games, toys, film, movies and more that we all love. Without their tireless dedication to creating the fantastic worlds we all get lost in events like Comic Con Revolution would not be possible.”