Hellboy review

Review: Hellboy Go Big Red or Go Home

It's Just A Game signing at Chimera's Comics with the HSPPA

“It’s Just A Game” Signing

ATTENTION HORROR HOUNDS: Chimera’s Comics welcomes a trio of guests from It’s Just A Game, a brand new indie horror flick that defies and reinvents the genre! Producer and actor James Azrael will be here as well as tie-in comic creators Unca Raffy and Dani Romero! 12PM-4PM on Saturday, March 30th!

“Tales From It’s Just A Game: Creepy Pasta” expands upon the movie in furthering the “creepy pasta,” or “campfire stories,” told at the slumber party in the film about SKULLGIRL, MOTHER MURDER and MORE!!

Based in Daniel Emery Taylor’s IJAG universe, written by Rafael Nieves (Marvel’s Hellstorm, The Phantom), Illustrated by Dani Romero (Magnificent, Cellar Door: A SciFi/Horror Graphic Novel Anthology), colored by Tom Luth (Groo, Usagi Yojimbo, MAD Magazine)….with a special VARIANT COVER by Dan Parent (ARCHIE COMICS, Die Kitty Die) & Anwar Hanano (Archie vs. Predator, Die Kitty Die).

Blu-ray also available!

Meet producer and IJAG’s “Brother Julius”: James Azrael
Trailer: https://youtu.be/n2VnC1STkWo

Daniel Emery Taylor‘s solo directorial debut, IT’S JUST A GAME, is a mix of various subgenres that gel to make a compelling and brutally satisfying film.” – Charlie Cargile (PopHorror.com)

Brianna (Hannah Cohen-Lawlor) is a shy, bashful teen who is constantly getting humiliated by the other girls in her social circle. Her circumstances change when she is kidnapped by a bizarre theatre cult intent on summoning an ancient witch.

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Hellboy Day at Chimera's Comics

Hellboy Day

25 years of big red….that calls for a celebration!

On Saturday, March 23rd, it’s going to be HELLBOY DAY!

FIRST, there’s a storewide sale, 25% OFF EVERYTHING,

PLUS, a huge selection of your favorite Hellboy titles to choose from,

AND, Hellboy Day exclusives including FREE COMICS!

Exclusives are in LIMITED quantity and are while supplies last!

Mr Honest live podcast taping at Chimera's Comics

Live Podcast Taping With Mr. Honest

Eric Sequeira is Mr. Honest, the host of this free form podcast about, life, television, fandoms, video games, comic book movies, and music.

Carmelo Chimera will guest star on the podcast for a live taping inside Chimera’s Comics La Grange!

From the host:

“For the first time we bring the podcast to you LIVE from our favorite comic book store! General admission is one comic book of your choosing! The taping should be right around 2 hours give or take. Bring your friends. All are welcome.”

Chimera's Comics Signing

Toyz N’ Cosplay Con

Carmelo Chimera (Magnificent, Cellar Door) and Nicholas Chimera (The Crusader, Cellar Door) will be appearing and signing at the Toyz N’ Cosplay Con.

From the organizers:

“A family event full of fun, toys and cosplay! We have over 80 tables of Funko Pops, Action figures, Star Wars, Comics, Hot Wheels, Barbies, Sports Collectibles, Art Work, Artists, Movie Figures, Gaming, Authors, WWF/WWE, etc…AND there is Cosplay Events too! Cosplay Luncheon, Contest and Photo Ops! This is ONE event you don’t wanna miss! 9-2pm! We Have The Best Food Concession Around!”

Chimera's Comics Signing

Geekz Con

Carmelo Chimera and Dani Romero (Magnificent, Cellar Door) will be appearing and signing at Geekz Con.

From the organizers:

“Geekz Con is a no frills, family friendly comic book convention that allows access to incredible artists, vendors and cos play at an affordable price. Cost is $5 per person, kidz 10 and under are free!!”

Captain Marvel predictions by Carmelo Chimera of Chimera's Comics

Review: “Captain Marvel” Soars