Dust Bunny Mafia Signing With Bret Juliano at Chimera's Comics

Dust Bunny Mafia Signing With Bret Juliano

March Madness! We have special guest Bret Juliano joining us on Wednesday, March 6th to showcase and sign copies of Dust Bunny Mafia, a comedic romp of the cutest little fuzzy gangsters you’ve ever seen!

Bret Juliano is a cartoonist and illustrator, creator of the all ages Dust Bunny Mafia comic, which has over 600 comics and began running in 2011, and Mobimals. In late 2016, Bret published Meet the Family, a Dust Bunny Mafia comic collection. His dust bunny mobsters have been included in several anthologies including Unlawful Good, Forgotten Histories and Out of the Deep as part of the Let’s Make Comics Collective. He is an avid consumer of mafia trivia, both fact and fiction, and a passionate collector of fedoras!

Bring your family and meet Bret and the Dust Bunny Mafia! Bret will be signing in store from 12PM to 5PM.

Chimera's Comics free screening of Avengers Endgame

Free Tickets to Avengers Endgame

I’m giving away free tickets to a private screening of Avengers: Endgame!

Every year, I rent an entire theater for the opening weekend of the year’s hottest movie, and I take our fans, friends, customers, and family to see the show for free – and I want you to come with us.

This year, I want to take you to see Avengers: Endgame! We’ll announce the exact date and time of the show once the theater announces the showtimes. But you can score free tickets now!

All you have to do is visit Chimera’s Comics in La Grange or Oak Lawn this Sunday, March 3 and you’ll get two free tickets with your purchase of $25 or more.

It’s not a raffle, a drawing, or a contest – just come in and we’ll GIVE you the tickets with your purchase. BUT we only have enough tickets for the first 25 customers in each store, so make sure to get there early!

These screenings are the MOST fun you’ll have at the movies, ever. Seeing the show with friends and fans who get the jokes, spot the easter eggs, and cheer alongside you is just amazing.

Our screenings are held at Hollywood Blvd Cinema in Woodridge, Illinois where you can order a meal and a drink with the show! There’s a one item minimum order that is NOT included in the prize – it can be as small as a soda or as large as a full meal. And trust me, they have GREAT food!

I hope you can make it!

Keep moving forward,


Chimera's Comics Signing

Schaumburg Library Comic Con

Carmelo Chimera and Dani Romero (Magnificent, Cellar Door) will be appearing and signing at the Schaumburg Library Comic Con.

From the organizers:

“Grab your light saber, put on your cape and beam yourself to Schaumburg Library Comic Con®. Join us for photo ops with characters, an awesome Artists Alley, crafts, games, a costume fashion show, superhero storytimes and more!”

25% Off Graphic Novels at Chimera's Comics all day, every day

Comic Shop Giveaway Finale Livestream Walkthrough

If you missed the livestream Q&A, the open house, and the Reddit AMA, you have one last chance to ask your questions.
I will do a live walkthrough tour of the store for people who missed the open house. Plus, I’ll have a few announcements about our upcoming projects.
I hope you can make it.
Carmelo Chimera artwork by Gene Ha

Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Carmelo Chimera

What Is An AMA?

An AMA is a live question-and-answer session on the website Reddit where I will take questions about anything from friends, fans, strangers, and I guess maybe even enemies. Should be a hoot.

When the AMA is live, you can click here to join in.

AMA is subject to the approval and cancellation of the moderators of the “Ask Me Anything” Subreddit. If they feel my story is not newsworthy, lacks adequate proof of my identity, or in any other way contravenes the rules and regulations of their subreddit, my post may be deleted and my Ask Me Anything cancelled.

The rules are set up to prevent spam, encourage interesting topics, and encourage a genuine sharing of ideas. I will do my best to follow their guidelines and will respect any decision of the moderators.

Why Am I Doing This?

I’ve been humbled by the attention we’ve gotten for our Comic Shop Giveaway.Our story has been picked up by national and even international news outlets.

You can learn more about the competition on from the Chicago Tribune, WGN, SyFy Wire, and more.Carmelo Chimera on NBC

I had to set up a lot of rules to run the contest in a way I thought was fair and protected both applicants and the store. But I want to answer your questions so you understand I’m on the level. I’m also hopeful to get questions about my writing like Magnificent or Cellar Door, and of my crowdfunding knowledge (I’ve raised over $100K on Kickstarter).


The Ask Me Anything Subreddit requires proof to make sure the Redditor is who they say they are! Here’s a picture of me, which I’ve also sent out on:

Carmelo Chimera Reddit Ask Me Anything ProofIf

If that’s not enough, you can see and hear me on the news talking about all this on:

Tune In To My AMA Here When It’s Time.

The link will be dead until my subreddit goes live.

Project Aegis Signing with Asia Dye & Ve'Amber Miller at Chimera's Comics

Project: Aegis Signing With Asia Dye & Ve’Amber Miller

February is Black History Month! Come out and support PROJECT: AEGIS, a new, kickstarted comic by local creators Asia Dye and Ve’Amber Miller!

“Nine people find themselves recruited by the gods to learn how to fight with their fists, wits, and passions. However, as things progress, they find that they were drawn together not simply because of their ambitions, but because of their past lives that connect them all!”

This comic is unlike any other, combining prose and sequential art in a new, artistic vision bringing a story long in the works to life. Asia and Ve’Amber will be here from 11AM to 5PM on Wednesday, February 20th, selling and signing copies of the first issue, as well as prints and other awesome swag!

Comics are for EVERYONE ♥

Comic Shop Giveaway Open House

Are you interested in learning more about our competition to win Chimera’s Comics Oak Lawn?

Come see the store and meet Carmelo Chimera – we want to meet you and get to know you better! We’ll have some light refreshments, and Carmelo will take questions about the competition.

Carmelo will also be signing copies of his graphic novel, Magnificent, and his guide to crowdfunding Your Kickstarter Is About To Fail (And What You Can Do About It)He’ll be joined by his brother Nicholas Chimera, who will be signing copies of his new young adult novel, The Crusader.

We’ll even have free comics for kids ten and under.

We hope you’ll join us!

To learn more or enter the competition now, click here.

Livestream: Comic Shop Giveaway Q&A

Last week, I announced a competition to win one of my comic book stores (like Willy Wonka, but without the risk of turning into a blueberry).

Since then, 9 out of 10 people have told me it’s amazing, inspirational, and even life-changing.

1 out of 10 sends me hate mail.

Now I don’t respond to hatred – but there have been some legitimate questions and I believe in transparency. So join me tomorrow night as I discuss the contest, answer questions, give away prizes, and read some mean tweets!

We’re simulcasting on Facebook, YouTube, and Kickstarter so pick your favorite channel here -> www.chimerascomics.com/live

You can learn more or enter the compeition here -> https://chimerascomics.com/win-comic-book-store/

Keep moving forward,

Warm Up Sale

Brrr! We closed a few days this week for the safety of our customers and our employees because some things are more important than money.

But the bills keep coming and we need your help catching up! So, since it’s going to be close to 40 degrees this weekend, we’re giving 20% off your entire purchase all weekend long!

Plus, you can save 25% off all graphic novels every day!

Help us catch up and stock up with some reading material for your next snow day!