Remembering Toys “R” Us

The people who run Chimera’s Comics are fans and collectors just like you. And just like you, we mourn the loss of our beloved Toys “R” Us. A few of us gathered to pay our last respects.

Chimera's Comics Remembers Toys R Us

From Dave Q:

As a toy collector, I have very fond memories of my local Toys “R” Us. From visits as a child to toy hunting as an adult, it is truly my favorite store. My favorite memories will always be visiting with my nieces and letting them pick out one toy as a gift from their favorite uncle.

In the past few years the giant toy retailer had been struggling. From the inability to compete with online retailers like Amazon and Walmart to electronics being a growing source of entertainment for kids. Toys “R” Us’ inability to adapt to this new culture would be its biggest downfall.

The announcement of the return of KB Toys gives me hope as a toy collector. I understand that most if not all online stores gives consumers the option to preorder items, but there’s nothing like toy hunting.

Toys “R” Us you will be sorely missed!


Chimera's Comics Remembers Toys R Us

From Carmelo C:

Millions of children looked to the proverbial toy store as a promised land of fun and excitement. A trip to the toy store was almost more fun than returning home with a toy. Because the store represented possibilities.

Toys “R” Us never ceased to give me that sense of wonder. And no matter how much online retail grows, it will never capture the wonder and imagination inspired by the site of a warehouse of toys.

Sadly, when it comes to power, size, and selection, physical retailers are losing to the giant online retailers. Here’s hoping that small business, whose strength lies in community, friendship, and care can rise to fill the void left in our hearts by Toys “R” Us.