What Is Cellar Door?

Do you love being scared? Do twist endings stay with you for days? Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

When people say, “Stop wearing black” you say “I will when they make a darker color?”

Then do I have the book for you.

Cellar Door is a 150-page sci-fi horror graphic novel anthology featuring 15 tales of terror cut from the same cloth as H.P. Lovecraft and The Twilight Zone.


“Cellar Door” is available as a deluxe hardcover collection featuring book ribbon and spot gloss, and in digital formats.

A look inside Cellar Door

What Is It About?

When an author retreats to a secluded manor to overcome writer’s block, he finds a hungry reader literally foaming at the mouth for his work.

Now, he must feed the creature stories, or be consumed himself.

What follows are 15 stories from new and veteran comic book creators that will leave you wondering if you should be more afraid of the dark…or of yourself.


  • A man travels back in time to murder his father and gets caught in a mind-blowing loop in “The Oedipus Paradox”
  • A group of travelers search for eternal life in an abandoned cathedral only to find certain death in the form of “The Clockwork Man”
  • Three teens in search of a good scare unearth the legend of “Digger’s Grove”
  • …and many more grisly tales.

Some stories are a love letter to 80s slashers. Others are a homage to the old “Creepy” or “House of Secrets” comics. Still others boast twists from “The Outer Limits” or “The Twilight Zone.” The result is a masterpiece of the macabre in a horrifyingly handsome hardcover that  you’ll be thrilled to share with all of your friends.

A look inside Cellar Door

Why You Can’t Miss Cellar Door!

Look, sometimes we love horror just because we love feeling our skin crawl. We love how our hearts pump when adrenaline races through our veins. BUT, sometimes, we want horror to show us the side of ourselves we’re afraid to look at. We want to finish a book and be so stunned that we have to sit in silence…and make sure the lights are on.

This book gets HEAVY. Murder, slavery, memory manipulation, cults, time travel…this stuff isn’t for everyone. But if it’s for you, then you need this book!

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