Chimera’s Champion Comics – The Flintstones #12


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The Flintstones comic has come to its final issue, a bittersweet conclusion to a critically acclaimed series of outstanding wit and endless charm. Many were skeptical at issue one, especially with the title being solicited by DC for teens and adults, as opposed to the expected kids classic. They’ve been doing a lot of that lately, first with their release of four Hanna-Barbera/DC crossover titles, continued next week with six Looney Tunes/DC crossovers. So how do you take these characters, each from wildly different worlds and backgrounds, and make that work?


I’ll admit, it’s hit or miss.


The Flintstones, however, has been a consistent hit, and their final issue is no different, a perfect tribute to end the title and pay tribute to the original cartoon, as well as the social climate of humanity in modern times. It’s lovingly wrapped in stone-age comedy, but it reveals quite a bit of truth about people and the timeless need to question, to believe, to persevere, and to cooperate with one another. Mark Russell (writer of the rebooted Prez) shows a talent for endearing readers to a message, and not just for the reason of cliche’s originating from somewhere. He presents, alongside the fabulous art of Steve Pugh (Hellblazer, Animal Man), a portrait from another time just as much as a mirror of the reader, I’m sure.



The flair of the series has been its wonderful re-imagining that resonates with the adults and teens who grew up watching the cartoons, which itself shared some pretty smart humor with its viewers (often through the woes of the animal workers). This comic is just an extension, a story of many stories that seems to always have been in our hearts and minds, but just never came to fruition.


I know, that’s really sappy, but honestly, just read this last issue, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s a reason this series has received so many positive reviews (though it honestly astounds me that it didn’t receive any nominations for the Eisner Awards this year). Issue twelve is a great send-off to the Flintstones, but also serves as a stand-alone story about a classic cartoon family, and really, a story about us all.


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