Deadpool 2 Review

Before Hugh Jackman decided to hang up his proverbial Adamantium claws after 17 years of playing Wolverine on the big screen, Deadpool paved the way for a harsh R-rating. (Forget the pitiful Wolverine: Origins that introduced an inferior Deadpool as the cancerous mutant Wade Wilson whose mouth was sewn shut.) Played to a perfect tee by smarmy Canadian Ryan Reynolds, the original  film introduced the world to The Merc with a Mouth with its fourth wall breaking jokes, self-realization, wanton violence, and lover of all things katanas and unicorns.  

With Deadpool 2, is it possible to have lightning in a proverbial bottle twice?  The answer is an astounding “YES!”

Deadpool 2 Review by Chimera's Comics

DeadPool 2 is a worthy sequel from the director of John Wick, the same flick that reignited Keanu Reeves’ career.  From the start of the explosive beginning, tongue meets cheek with a riff on James Bond films openings combined with a song provided by Canada’s other famous export, Celine Dion.  Deadpool 2 ups the ante in terms of over the top CGI  violence with limbs being severed and torsos being separated.  

While the original was more about jokes at the expense of Hugh Jackman, Green Lantern, etc., Deadpool 2 has jokes that fall flat with references to dub step.  The sequel relies more on set pieces and less on CGI till the final battle at The Essex Orphanage.  (Only true Marvel fans will understand that Easter Egg.)

Deadpool 2 Review by Chimera's Comics

Ryan Reynolds truly loves The Merc with a Mouth and doesn’t phone in his Oscar worthy performance.  The supporting characters, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Weasel, make a big return to the sequel. Dopinder, the innocent and loveable kidnapping taxi driver, also takes center stage along with affable, Peter, a Members Only jacket wearing Everyman with no discernible mutant powers.  (I am anxiously awaiting a Dopinder in taxi Funko pop or a Peter with parachute Funko pop!). New characters Bedlam, Vanisher, Shatterstar, and lucky mutant Domino are the new members of X-Force in the limited time some of them are on screen.

Deadpool 2’s secret weapon is Cable played to gritty perfection by Josh Brolin (AKA Brand from The Goonies and Thanos from that small Summer blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War.). Without going into spoiler territory, Cable’s convoluted origin from the comics is glossed over.   Brolin plays the time traveling soldier from the future with glee with his bevy of futuristic guns, pouches, and fanny packs.  New Zealander and Kiwi, Julian Richardson, from The Hunt for The Wilderpeople, is an impressionable John Connor  with a love for prison wallets while Cable is a Winter  Soldier Terminator hybrid  with no sense of humor from the apocalyptic future.

Wear your crocs, bring your unicorn dolls, and tiny hands to the movie theaters this weekend to watch Deadpool 2!