What is Chimera’s Comics?

Chimera’s Comics is a comic book and collectibles retail store with three locations: La Grange, IL, Oak Lawn, IL, and online. Our mission is to maintain a clean, bright, professional environment where we treat our customers like gold. Our store will be a place where traditional comic readers will feel right at home, but also a place that will be inviting to new readers young and old alike. For details on our brick-and-mortar locations, including addresses and hours, click here.

Where is Chimera’s Comics?

Chimera’s Comics has three locations in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. For directions to our brick-and-mortar locations, click here.

What is the Free VIP Subscription Club?

The free VIP Subscription Club is a service for comic collectors to ensure you never miss the newest issues of your favorite comics. Whether you collect one title or a hundred titles, we can pull them aside for you each week and e-mail you when your books come in. The service costs nothing, and you even get a discount on your comics. Every subscriber gets 10% off comics, graphic novels, collector’s supplies, books, and more. And, if you collect 15 or more monthly titles, you’ll get 15% off. For more info or to sign up now, click here.

How Do I Make Changes To My Subscriptions?

Changing your subscriptions is easy! There’s no formal process. Just tell us in store, e-mail us, or give us a call and tell us which titles you’d like to add or drop. Please keep us updated – we want you to get the stuff you love, and we would rather stop pulling the books you don’t want before we get a huge stack of inventory we can’t sell anymore.

Are You Hiring?

Currently, Chimera’s Comics is not hiring.

Do You Buy Old Comics?

No, Chimera’s Comics almost never buys old comics.We will sometimes sell books on consignment on a case by case basis.

How Do I Put My Books Up for Consignment?

Bring your books to either of our physical locations in La Grange or Oak Lawn. The employees will give you a receipt if they think you have comics that are appropriate for our program, and we’ll review the books and get back to you when management makes a decision.