Did “Captain Marvel” Introduce the MCU’s Next Thanos?

A conspiracy theory by Carmelo Chimera

Last week, I shared a conspiracy theory with you that Captain Marvel was a secret reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now that I’ve seen the flick, I believe I was right – in more ways than one. Because what I didn’t see coming was that Captain Marvel would introduce us to the next “Thanos” – the MCU’s big bad for over 20 movies.

From here on out, it’s SPOILER TERRITORY so please, strap on your tin foil hat and join me for a conspiracy theory!

Captain Marvel predictions by Carmelo Chimera of Chimera's Comics

Drumroll Please…

Over 20 films will culminate next month when Avengers Endgame hits theaters. And with the new poster and trailer just hitting the Internet, it’s shaping up to be the finale we deserve. And for ten years, the Mad Titan Thanos has been the boogeyman looming over at all.

So who could possibly replace him? Who could be the next big bad? Who is vicious enough, fearsome enough, cunning enough?

A tiny, green little girl. That’s who.

I believe the next big bad is the Skrull Queen. What’s more, I believe she was in Captain Marvel.

And here’s why, step-by-step:

Is the Skrull Queen in Captain Marvel?

1. The Endgame Means Its Time For A New Beginning

In my last theory, I hypothesized that Captain Marvel would be our new starting point for future stories, thereby relieving new audiences of the burden of watching over two dozen movies AND making it easier on the rest of us to keep the continuity straight.

When Nick Fury named the Avengers Initiative after Carol Danvers – a move that spiritually makes her the “first avenger” – I knew I was right. We’ll never forget Captain America, but now Danvers has license to be the face of the team for the next ten years of Marvel.

But a hero is only as interesting as its villain, and Josh Brolin’s Thanos has been a blast to watch. But his reign of terror comes to an end next month, one way or another. So it’s time for a new villain. And, just in time, we meet her:

Talos’ Daughter.